December 10th, 2007: The day that Runescape died.

Today is the day that Jagex ruined the game for the rest of its existence.  Really good players of the game are quitting now and are never to return.  Here’s your mistake, Jagex:

First of all, you posted a list of "improvements" to the game:

Popular activity New way of performing activity
Helping other players train their skills Assist System
Fighting other players to win their drops Bounty Hunter
Fighting other players to win money Duel tournaments
Fighting other players for fun and glory Duel Arena is now free, and also Clan Wars
Trading items with other players Balanced trades OR the Grand Exchange
Keeping an economy where the player determines the prices (based on supply and demand) Grand Exchange
Looking after the items of a friend who has died Gravestones
Sharing monster drops when fighting together LootShare
Having enough room to store stuff, instead of getting your friend to hold it for you Extra bank space
Hosting drop parties Using the party room which we moved to the free world for this purpose

YOU DESTROYED THE WILDERNESS.  Okay, it’s still there, but there’s no way to pk anymore, plus the whole place is filled with indestructible ghosts that drop coins.  There’s an area that you can still kill players in, but you can only kill one randomly selected player, or risk being killed really easily.

YOU RELEASED A MINIGAME FOR F2P.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is that in order for Jagex to release one for a free player’s usage, they must make the reward very small, or in this case, nonexistent.


The glory of victory in a clan war is its own reward!

YOU DESTROYED GIFT-GIVING.  Now, if someone wants to give a birthday present to their real life friend on Runescape, they can’t.  The new "improvement" to trading is the fact that all trades must be balanced perfectly.  This means that if you want to give someone a present for their birthday, you need to give it to them in 3k or less parts in 15 minute intervals.

YOU DESTROYED DROP PARTIES.  Yeah, that must be really fun, having your quiet bank disturbed and having your drop party items given to some random retard that just happens to be in Falador.

At least there are still nice people in the world, and funny ones that keep the day going.  [X]

3 thoughts on “December 10th, 2007: The day that Runescape died.

  1. Amazing article. 6 year member here. Quit last year when runescape died. I’m sick of this crap jagex. You messed up my favorite game and turned it into some strict monarchy. I’m going to warcraft. They don’t give half a shit about account trading. Also, they have different classes, The ability to shapeshift and use mounts to travel faster, The characters have good animations, and the combat isnt turn based with dumb numbers above the head.

  2. Warcraft is not everything you know, I played it for 3 damn years. Its always the same, 2 skills to learn. Combat is nice, but quiet boring if you see the same thing every day 🙂

    Warcraft Ruined my life..and I payed for it.

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