Runescape Survivor II

Edit: I am going to start now.

Once upon a time, I wanted to see if I could survive on Karmja for a week. I did, and during that time, I got to the ranging level for red dragonhide and bought some on the forums to be shipped to Karamja.

Now, after learning the ways of the barbarians, I think that I am ready to travel to Karamja once again, in the hope of the ability to wear black dragonhide. I will stay there until I can wear black dragonhide, even if that is longer than a week.

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Once again, I am going to live outdoors at Musa Point. The twist this time is that I am only going to be allowed to use the bank for two things: Deposits and withdrawls, but only withdrawls of items from a list. I am currently composing the list, but I already know some of the things that will be on the list:

  1. Arrows
  2. Bows
  3. Black dragonhide armor
  4. Red dragonhide armor
  5. Items dropped by lesser demons
  6. Fire and Nature runes
  7. Throwing knives

And now… The explaination of the image above:

Point 1 is where I will start. I will take a boat to the dock and not go back there until I get level 70 range.

Point 2 is the fishing dock. I will go there, but never with any tools that can be used to catch fish.

Point 3 is the entrance to the volcano. I will go down there when it’s time to fight.

Point 4 is a group of dead trees. I can use that to light fires with my bow.

Wish me luck!

You can track my progress here:
If you move the mouse over it, you will see my progress to level 69.

I am starting with 115,806 experience to go.
My starting level is 68.
My starting experience is 621,821.
My coin collection starts at 74791

I will sell anything that is not worth alchemy (every item I get from lesser demons), unless if the item is runes or an herb.

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  1. 321 lesser demons to 70 ranged
    744953 hitpoints experience total at level 70 ranged
    That’s 70 hitpoints!

    70 ranged for me = 70 hitpoints!

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