Unban Nmr7… Please?

Sticker made by the creator of Nmr7

Jagex just doesn’t get it. If they ban all of the player mod caliber players and makes all the people they should have banned into player mods, they’re doing something called being dumb. Just plain dumb. You see, there was once a person named Nmr7 on RuneScape. He got banned for saying a joke in clan chat, that nobody would have ever believed if it wasn’t for a certain player mod that couldn’t handle a joke and a certain company that can’t handle themselves.

Jagex banned someone with over 52 million overall experience, so close to six skillcapes that they could easily get them all in an hour.  They banned someone two rare items, full guthix robes, and full barrows of almost every kind.  They banned someone who was a moderator on one of the biggest fansites about Runescape (and undoubtedly the best) there ever was.  Jagex, you killed the friend of hundreds of people.

Here is the last bank picture that he ever will take, unless Jagex shapes up their attitude and unbans and bans the correct people.

Well, even if Nmr7 isn’t recovered, his creator, Warren, will keep playing Runescape.  Tha Warren is never going to be as great as Nmr7 was, but at least Warren still has a game to play in his spare time, and a way to help the events crew organize events.

If you believe that Nmr7, like many others was banned unfairly, put this code on your blog or in your forum signature, or wherever else you would like to take a stand against Jagex’s banning of Nmr7:


<a href="http://llamaslayers.net/daily-llama/?p=243"> <img src="http://llamaslayers.net/daily-llama/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/proud-warrenite-member.gif" alt="" /></a>

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