There’s a tuna on my hand!

There's a tuna on my hand!So, I did part of the new barbarian skills thing (I wasn’t able to find any bones underground until I was almost killed by a mithril dragon and was forced to teleport, and I didn’t even try making a spear yet), and I thought it was quite funny that somebody got a shark stuck on their hand.  I tried to harpoon without a harpoon on me and this happened!  I lit a fire with my bow and some logs (the bow is still in one piece) and cooked the tuna.  It tasted fine, although there was a hint of something that tasted like dragons smell.  Oh well…  I guess that’s what I get for wearing dragonhide while fishing without a harpoon.  It still tasted pretty good.

I hope Jagex releases more cool updates like this one.  It removes the need for a tinderbox if you already have a bow, and it also brings a purpose to 2-dose potions (that is, if you don’t just drop them and are willing to do a bit of fishing.)

Overall, this is the best update there has been for quite some time!

Update: I made a two handed and a one handed spear.  There is a glitch with the one-handed spears, stopping me from poisoning it.  I submitted a bug report to Jagex, hope they do something about it!

Updated update: Jagex fixed the one-handed-spear-not-being-able-to-be-poisoned bug.  Now I have a poisoned, one handed, mithril spear.

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