The dieing computer

[Clip art]Ok, so my old computer is slowly dieing. Slowly might be the wrong word. It is down to less than 200mb out of a total 10gb.  (Both of those numbers might look a bit sad to you tech-savvy people out there)  I’m thankful, however that the external hard drive connected to it is only about 5% filled out of a total of more than 20 times the space on the main hard drive.

Anyway, I tried backing up the entire hard drive via network, but Windows was using the hard drive so certain files couldn’t be read.  Then I put in my ubuntu disk and rebooted to load the livecd environment.  After a while of searching for the right options, I found out a way to connect through the network to my main computer, and currently it is copying its hard drive onto the main computer’s external hard drive.

After I finish that process, I’ll need to compress the archive and place it in as many places as I can.

I feel sorry for the old computer, but its time has come to move onto a new one.  Hopefully it won’t crash for a while.

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