The new way that I let you borrow my levels


Ok, so you’re with your friend, and you need a new amulet of strength because you lost your old one while doing a slayer task. You go to your bank, you get your uncut ruby, a few runes, a gold ore and a ball of wool. Then, you trade them to your friend in return for nothing and they make the amulet as soon as they can and return it to you. They then get banned for real world item trading. This was obviously the wrong thing to do on Jagex’s part, but let’s think of ways to avoid that ban. And what if your friend is offline? Here’s how you do it:

First, you log onto Runescape and look at the new skill icons that were released today to make the game more appealing to seven year olds, then you go and get your supplies, just like normal, but this time, instead of clicking trade, you click Request Assistance. The nice thing is that no matter who you request assistance of, you run no risk of being item scammed. The person who allows you to borrow their levels gets a fullscreen semi-transparent message that allows them to loan you specific skill levels. For example, some random person with lots of time on their hands could let you have their abilities, excluding combat, (but not their speed because they are frozen,) and you could make the amulet. They get the experience, you get the item.

There is a limit of 30k exp from this system per day per account.

I tested this system with a friend from RSBandB and fished for sharks. It works perfectly!

9.5/10, Jagex, and that’s only because I’m saving the best scores for last.

By the way, I was at the eye doctor today, I’m getting purple glasses.