TeamSpeak helps stop unfair Runescape bannings of RSBandB members

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TeamSpeak, the replacement for the old chat server on RSBandB, is just getting started. There have been an average of about 1-5 people on at a time, but this is just the first day. TeamSpeak is about the best option we have available for the RSBandB chat. RuneScape private chat just doesn’t work with the whole clan. We aren’t in the same place, so public chat is out of the question. Clan chat is out since there have been so many unfair bannings on the clan chat. MSN and any of the other major IM programs out there won’t work because we need to be able to all communicate at the same time, plus, there’s no way we can use them without taking our eyes off whatever we’re doing. If we did take our eyes off of RuneScape, we could be killed by random events, reported for macroing, or even lose friends by missing their private messages.

But instead of thinking negatively, let’s think positively. TeamSpeak allows us to do other things with our hands, given that we have a microphone of some kind and a computer, we can all join TeamSpeak. By the way, for you Ventrilo fans, it’s free even if you have more than eight people in the chat. 😛 We can just talk into a microphone and everyone who wants to hears us. Right now, it’s in its early stages, and there isn’t much moderation. There are a few major glitches that need to be ironed out, such as the fact that Warren and Tal can’t seem to send text, but nothing too major. Overall, I think TeamSpeak is the best option for RSBandB members who play RuneScape and want to talk about other things at the same time, but don’t want to be banned.


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