The reasons Jagex is stupid

The following is a list of reasons that Jagex is dumb, I will start off with an inspirational quote.

jagex are pee pee heads

And here is the list:

  1. They don’t ban macroers even though they say they do.
    Evidence: [Link]
  2. They automate everything from customer support queries to abuse reports to ban appeals.
    Evidence: [Link]
  3. They won’t show us our skills if we aren’t in the top million and level 30 or higher.
    I don’t need evidence on this one.
  4. They have an investigations in the community team, but I’ve never seen any jmods on any fansites…
    Once again, no evidence needed.

If you have any, tell me so I can add them.

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3 thoughts on “The reasons Jagex is stupid

  1. You used my screenshot! 😀

    Ah, yeah, they’re a little bit nazi-ish tbh.
    Though they don’t automate their replies, they copy/paste from guidelines and more often than not, they give extra bits which they think may be useful, but probably seem irrelevant.
    And I’ve seen Andrew on RSC’s forum.

    No evidence though! 😛

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