Ok, maybe not an ENTIRE new theme…

So I’m not going to make an entire new theme for my blog… I’ll just make a few tweaks to make the theme I have the best it can be without losing the theme’s feel. One of the first updates I’m doing is banning a certain user agent from my blog because I think they’re trying to DDoS me… I’ve had about 20 404 errors in my 404 log in a row yesterday from the same user agent.

But for now, let’s just hope that I’ve fixed the problem. One of the other things I am going to do to my theme is implement more colors into my comments css.

Old comments looked like this.

The old comments (current comments at the time that I’m writing this) looked like one of the three boxes shown to the right. I’m going to make them so they can be any color of the rainbow, going from pale red to pale orange to pale yellow to pale green to pale blue to pale purple, or if the person who made the comment was a Daily Llama official, it would be a more prominent version of the color. Of course, nobody can use the name of a Daily Llama official unless they are logged in as that user or have access to my database. 😛

If it’s really going well, I’ll even try to make the corners rounded! Do you have any ideas about the theme that I should implement? What css colors should I use for the comment backgrounds?



  1. Made the gradient on the comment boxes stand out more
  2. Made the new colors
  3. Gave up on rounded corners
  4. Random first color

I think I’m done for now…

8 thoughts on “Ok, maybe not an ENTIRE new theme…

  1. Interesting post–wtg! The only comment I’ll make pertains to css colors for comment backgrounds. Perhaps they could rotate through a group of several colors or even through a “rainbow” group (ROYGBIV). Another thought would be to use a small group of colors that blend with the season (fall, etc.). These could be changed as the season changes to maintain a fresh look.

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