A New Theme

I am thinking about making a custom theme for my blog, and I need some ideas. If it turns out well, I’ll open-source it and I might think about putting it on the WordPress theme catalog.

My ideas are:

  • Rounded corners
  • As few images as possible
  • Gravatar
  • Alternating comment colors
  • Official comments as a different color
  • Lots of customization that can be done without editing source code files
  • Multiple sidebars
  • I might think of more later

The ideas that have been suggested that I liked are:

  • Just stick with the old theme

Those that might make it, but aren’t top priority are:

Those that definitely won’t go in are:

2 thoughts on “A New Theme

  1. Uh, no way. This blog is cool– keep everything the same. It has estimated reading times (Which, I’m totally a slow reader, and the entry took me longer than 25 seconds. Now I’m feeling embarrassed to admit this.. ending parentheses now *whistle*)

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