Googlebot is spamming me o.0

I’m notified on every 404 error via an rss feed by my blog.  When googlebot started indexing non-existant pages, I got spammed.  The feature that I installed to be a notification of broken links turned into a way that googlebot (unknowingly) spammed me!

You can see this support forums topic for the way that I solved the problem.


8 thoughts on “Googlebot is spamming me o.0

  1. Well, it doesn’t look simple to me because I don’t understand it. But it does look short! Glad that annoying, unintentional spam problem has ceased to exist.

    Basically, it says if the page is a 404 (page not found error), the blog will tell search bots not to index it or follow anything.

    Well, it at least it’s better than the naughty spam that Russian bots leave behind. 😛

    Good point. It’s a different type of spam, though…

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