My willow log goal

As you can see, the willow log tracker that I made is up and running at the top of my blog, but since the code is specialized for me, I’m not going to post it here. I should probably be talking about my goal, though, and not my tracker.

You can find the RSBandB forum topic here. I’ve been working so hard on getting the tracker onto my blog and cutting down willow trees that I completely forgot to blog about it. Here goes:

I’m going to cut down 25 thousand willow trees, then I’ll cut them into longbows, but not string them. I’ve been talking on RSBandB clan chat (Mike12088) and I decided that my next goal will be 99 hunter. I’ve discussed it with a person who has 99 hunter already and I’ve decided (through discussion) that red salamanders would be the best thing to do until level 70 hunter and then red chinchompas until 99.

1,287 Red salamanders ► 70
46,403 Red chinchompas ► 99

P.S. I might have a drop party when I finish each of my two goals.

P.P.S. If I get at least 83 hunter and I catch a dragon impling, I can get the following from it:

2-3 (noted) Dragonstone Amulets
Dragon Longsword
3 (noted) Dragon Dagger (p++)
Dragon Dagger
73-98 (noted) Dragon Bones
213 (noted) Baby Dragon Bones
Death Talisman
4 Onyx Bolt Tips
3 (noted) Cut Dragonstones
21 Dragonstone Bolts
165-233 Dragon Arrows
159-345 Dragon Arrow Tips
6-13 Dragonstone Bolt Tips
Death Tiara
Blue/White Mystic Bottom
1 Magic Tree Seed
6 Snapdragon Seeds
163-168 Dragon Darts

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  1. good job ben

    i know someone you don’t

    nightgunner5 you spelled blog wrong it;s blaug acording to you

    ben its uh uh uh bob imean puck yeah its puck


    p.s. im in leif who am i

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