Nintendo Power to do “Hands On” Preview of SSBB


Nintendo Power edition 221, Final Fantasy on cover.

“Smashing Peaches.”

“Next month, we will be doing a hands on preview of the world’s most anticipated Wii game, Super Smash Brothers Brawl.”

Well, Daily-Llama, it’s been an honor writing and playing with you. Though, I’m afraid my time on Runescape will be next to nothing, come December 3rd. That’s right, you heard me. December 3rd, 2007- Six years, mind you, exactly six years after Smash Brothers Melee came out.

The game WILL feature online, so those of you who have a Wii with working internet capabilities, that can connect your Wii to the internet, are welcome to challenge me any time!

Note that, of course, I will still play and write… But even less, past and near that date.


Hell Lord26

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