High Level Metal Armor

Let’s say you have the maximum levels in Defense and Smithing. What’s the best armor you can wear?

Full Primal armor

Primal. Yes, I know it isn't smithable, but it's the closest thing to a good picture of Promethium I could find.

Let’s say you’re not Dungeoneering. What’s the best armor you can make and wear?

Full runite armor

herp derp

The fact is that Smithing becomes useless the moment you leave Daemonheim. If you haven’t entered Daemonheim yet, it’s already useless. What needs to be done is to bridge the gap between the awesomeness of Smithing in Daemonheim with the rest of RuneScape without ruining the lives of people who worked hard to get level 99 Smithing.

Here’s my suggested plan:

  1. Add four new metals, each above Dragon, but not available as monster drops.
  2. Extend the Artisans’ Workshop to be actually useful in some obscure way.
  3. Make the new metal armor available in two versions: A nontradable version that does not degrade, and a tradable degradable version.


  •  Stronger than dragon
  • Player-made
  • Makes smithing a worthwhile skill
  • Degradation can be fixed by players
  • Treasure trails trim kits available
  • Encourages use of assist system for something other than effigies
  • All four new metals are alloys, so no ores are devalued


  • Not available as drops
  • Players have to choose between something they can easily buy and something that won’t degrade
  • Extreme coal usage caused by inefficient furnaces in Artisans’ Workshop
  • Degradability of player-made items
  • If dropped on death, armor becomes fully degraded even if it was nontradeable


  • Provide an update to the Smithing skill
  • Don’t make preexisting miners and smiths feel cheated
  • Create the ability to make money while in Artisans’ Workshop
  • Create a new relationship between high level skillers and high level combat users, last seen with ancient effigies
  • Provide higher quality armor to players without devaluing boss drops and treasure trail items

The level 70 armor will be pale green, referred to in this article as Traktite. Its treasure trails trim color is green. The level 80 armor, Glimerian, is silver with black trim. The level 90 armor, Nartite, is orange with dark red trim, and the level 99 armor, Elitian, is dark purple with gold trim.

Each metal requires 10, 14, 18, or 24 coal, with Runite, Adamantite, and Mithril ore requirements of 1,2,0; 2,1,1; 2,2,0; and 3,0,1. The process for making the armor is significantly more involved than hitting an anvil with a hammer and magically turning five cold bars of iron into a perfectly formed platebody.

Similar to the way ceremonial swords are made, high leveled metal armor will need to be made slowly and carefully. Unlike ceremonial swords, HLMA will almost always result in an item even if it is not 100% perfect. 70%-99% will give degradable pieces, while 20-69% will give 1-3 scraps of metal. Four scraps of the same type of metal can be combined to create a bar of that metal.

Instead of creating the entire item at once, pieces are made for anything requiring more than one bar, and then assembled, which cannot fail. For a chainbody, two shoulder pieces and one chainmail piece are combined. Platebodies use two shoulder pieces, a torso piece, and two arm pieces. Platelegs and plateskirts follow Daemonheim’s principal of having different stats for different items. Platelegs give more defensive ability while plateskirts give more of an ability to move and attack. Both require two leg pieces, but plateskirts require a skirt piece and platelegs require a waist piece.

Medium helmets can be combined with helmet visors to create full helmets. Gloves and boots are available for one bar of metal each. There are no weapons available with these new armor types.

Having even one degradable part will make the entire piece of armor degradable. It will start degraded by the fraction of degradable pieces, so, for example, using two degradable pieces and three non-degradable pieces would produce a platebody that is 40% degraded. Two additional bars of metal would be required to fix it enough so it could be sold.

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