258,048 coins

Okay, so I’m going to get that many coins.  I have got the nature runes, that didn’t cost me a penny because I made them all by myself (and I didn’t use that stupid new altar).  I am getting the flax to spin into bowstring, and after that, I’ll need to cut down yew trees and make bows and alch them.  Then I will have an additional 258,048 coins to add to my supply.

Update: I now have the flax and the nature runes.

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One thought on “258,048 coins

  1. That sounds like a lot of money (to me, at least)! Do you know what you’ll use it for? or will it be for future needs that arise? Sounds like an ambitious project & you’re on your last procurement step. Way to go, Nightgunner 5!

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