Yet another goal that I will probably never finish… (yey?)

I am bored on Runescape, I don’t want to do anything with woodcutting or fishing, but I’ve always wanted to have a mithril mount in my house…

So I’m going to try (and probably give up on) mining lots and lots of iron ore and smithing it into platebodies.  Here’s what I will need to do:

Total Iron Bars needed: Total Iron Platebodies made: Level this brings me to:
595 119 59
1285 257 60
2045 409 61
2885 577 62
3815 763 63
4840 968 64
5970 1194 65
7215 1443 66
8595 1719 67
10120 2024 68

Now, this will bring me up to level 68 smithing and 71 mining.  I’ll probably alch them, but maybe not because they alch for 336 each.  I don’t have three million coins—if I did, I would buy a dragon axe—so I can’t exactly buy the nature runes like I did today.  I wouldn’t make much of a profit buying them either.  I would make 3,400,320 coins if I made the nature runes myself, as well as getting level 71 magic and 53 runecrafting, which gives me the ability to be lunar and enchant dragonstone jewelry and use the large rune essence pouch.  I’ll probably never make it that far without giving up, though, lol.

One thought on “Yet another goal that I will probably never finish… (yey?)

  1. Sounds like too much work to me. But so did getting 175 bronze bars, and now I’ve done that. The repetition involved in 2000+ feathers is pretty grueling though. Your goals are humongous!!!!

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