Cooking… Minigame?

With all the combat-related updates going around, someone needs to do something less violent. And that’s why I’m designing a cooking minigame. It would take place in a basement somewhere around here.

The basic gist of the game would be the kitchen of a restaurant. There would be a red team and a blue team. The blue team’s job is to cook food as it’s ordered. All of the ingredients would be stored in various containers around the room, but their exact position would be randomized at the start of every round. Orders show up on boards that can be viewed by clicking at the north, south, east, and west ends of the room. If an order is completed, the player completing it receives double the experience it would normally have given, and everyone else receives half the experience it would have normally given. If it takes too long for an order to be made or the order is filled with the wrong food, much less experience will be given.

The red team’s job is to sabotage the blue team’s operations by any means necessary. Burn down the kitchen? Sure. Steal crates of ingredients? You bet! Switch the ingredients around? That sounds fun. Summon compost mounds in the middle of the kitchen so everyone has a hard time clicking on stuff? No, probably not. At least, I hope not. That wouldn’t be any fun. Agility, thieving, and firemaking would be useful while on the red team.

Teams would be chosen completely randomly, so there would only be one lobby. If a player got to the game late, they would be allowed to spectate in much the same way that Castle Wars and TzHaar Fight Pit spectating works.

As this is a team minigame, things would break like in the blast furnace, except this time, on purpose (caused by the red team), so players on the blue team would also have to worry about fixing equipment and extinguishing fires.

When entering the minigame lobby, players will need to have no headgear and their inventories empty. When the minigame starts, the teams would be selected based on skills, so they would be relatively balanced. The red team would have headgear similar to the highwayman mask (perhaps colored red) and the blue team would have (blue) chef’s hats.

As an example, the game might start with six orders for cooked chicken from the west, an order for pineapple pizza from the south, three orders for lobster from the north, and an order for chocolate cake from the east. As the blue team starts to look around for ingredients and label boxes, the red team would be sneaking around, switching the contents of the boxes, and setting various equipment on fire.

If a member of the blue team caught a member of the red team in the process of their vandalism, they would be able to stop them by tagging them, which would return the red team member’s inventory to where they obtained it from and teleport the red team member to a random location in the kitchen.

As each order is filled, the signs that say what orders are in progress would change to a new order. All of the members of both teams that didn’t play a part in a minute of the game would lose 10-20% experience potential, which starts at 100% and can go from 0% to 1000% and does not reset between games. Everyone who played a part in would receive 5-25% increased experience potential, depending on how important their actions were. For example, labeling one box is less important than filling an entire order.

The experience potential is a multiplier that affects the experience gained during the minigame. It does not affect training outside of the minigame.

The rewards are raw food and ingredients. They will be automatically put into the player’s inventory at the end of the game in amounts based on how much experience the player earned. A store would be available just outside of the minigame’s lobby that sells cooked food and is stocked based on what happens in the minigame.

The entrance to the lobby would also contain a bank deposit box, which could only be used when the game was not in session to discourage improper use. Games would last 10 minutes each with a 5 minute waiting period before a game.

So, what do you think? Could this be part of RuneScape? Is there anything you would change?

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  1. Like the ideas. I’d want to be on the blue team because I like to cook, not vandalize. But frustrating the blue team would be okay if I’m randomly assigned to red, I guess.

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