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I have never really read a readme file or anything at the time of installation.  Maybe that will hurt me in the future some time.  Who knows?  But all not-reading-readme-files problems aside, read this:

System Recommendations

  • PHP version 4.2 or higher.
  • MySQL version 4.0 or higher.
  • … and a link to http://wordpress.org on your site.

I read this, then looked at my blog.  I have absolutely no visible link back to WP.org, yet I have an advertisement for the person who made the theme that I have edited so much that I think I can call it my own design!  How can things like this happen?

I’m going to edit my footer this instant and get the link back in the right place!  It’s just too bad that I can’t edit my blog theme from live writer.  😉

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