Read the @#$% post, the title’s already too long.

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Okay, now I has my titles done, I iz talkng now.

I am going to start with the table of contents:

  1. Egg battelz
  2. Roketz goez *POP*
  4. Other crap

Egg battelz

I’m going to link you to it first, then talk about it. [X] Okay, now I linked to it. Now I can talk about it.

Kat/amac/lucypie/The-Kat-Meow/whatever-you-want-to-call-her is coordinating a big event on Runescape. You can read this, so click on the [X] and read her post. Basically, we’re supposed to put on our egg rings and not take them off, not even if there is a random event calling for us. I think that this might be a problem. What if a random kills someone? Oh well… I might be bringing a prize.

Rocketz goez *POP*

In other, more or less non-Runescapian news, in school, which started on Tuesday, we are building a rocket. Each of the six teams is building one, that is. Our team (team 6) is split into two parts, the design team and the propulsion team. I’m leading the propultsion team along with my friend, who has a name that starts with “R” and I will not say their full name because they might not want me to. Yesterday, as far as I know, the design team worked well together and I know the propulsion team did. We made a rocket engine out of a muffin paper thing, two film canisters, some baking soda, an eighth of an Alka-Seltzer tablet, and some vinegar, which I think was watered down (so the Alka-Seltzer would work better). “R” set it all on the ground and it went *pop* and hit the ceiling.

Today was nothing like yesterday, there was one kid who wanted to be with the propulsion team instead of the design team, “R” finally got that kid to go back to their own side, then there were two kids who started playing with the ingredients, I tried to stop them, but when I wasn’t looking, one of them armed a film canister rocket incorrectly and almost threw it at the ground before running behind the chalkboard. Then the same kid ran around and yelled something like “I WANTZ TO PUT BAKING SODA WITH WATERZ AND SEE WHAT HAPPENZ!!!” and “LET’S PUT ALKA SELSR IN VINIGAAR” and stuff like that. We got one test in, accidentally using the wrong film canisters after someone from the design team stole the two working ones, the rocket shot sideways and almost hit someone in the foot. Overall, today, we messed up a launch test, two kids wasted half of our supplies, one kid on the design team who wanted to be a flip-flopper, and one kid on the same team who stole our supplies.


“R” said this today, so I talked about it, nothing much really, just that WordPress refers to it in the “Who can use WordPress” statement, saying that it’s someone’s cat’s blog. Sort of ironic, I said I would blog about it. It sort of became catch phrase of the day.

Other crap

Yesterday, I saved a town called Hallowvale from vampyres. I got blood-tithed a few times even though I wore my stealth suit. I wonder why the last Harry Potter book was called “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows,” maybe it’s because Darkness of Hallowvale is the last myreque quest so far. Let’s see: priest in peril, nature spirit, in search, in aid, hallowvale… That’s only 5… There’s not much of a connection here, maybe it’s another ironic event…

3 thoughts on “Read the @#$% post, the title’s already too long.

  1. Don’t expect me to wear my egg ring forever with all of you! That must have been hard without some of your supplies four rocket building… Can cats really write? I enjoy reading your blog entries. Hope you had excruciating (I like that word) fun on that quest.
    Please shut up if you have nothing to say.

  2. What about wordpress and a cat blog?


    Well sorta 😛

    I’m holding the egg showdown battle contest thing!!!!

    >.> I want ring.

    And your rocket going POP?

    Hehe sounds fun…
    I wanna make a rocket!

    Ever put baking soda in lemonade?

    Try it, it makes it taste like soda.


    Yeah I should go make somemore lemonsodade..

    And don’t call me amac >.> I told you that >.>

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