FrontPress: Users, Meta, and an Installer

It’s now simple to add users, an installer, and meta to your FrontPress-powered application. Plus, FrontPress won’t query as aggressively, so you’ll save on database queries per page.

As an added bonus, FrontPress takes care of all of your database upgrades. Simply change the database version number whenever you change the schema, and FrontPress will automatically do upgrades for you.

Meta can be enabled with one line of code in any FP_Thing subclass:

static $__has_meta = true;

FP_User combines the simplicity of FP_Thing and the extensibility of BP_User. Want to know if the current user is logged in or if they have a certain capability or if they like bananas?

FP_User::can( 'do-whatever' );
FP_User::get_meta( 'likes_bananas' );

What are you waiting for? Get developing!

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