This is why I hate Apple

Cost to make an iPhone app: $99/year (plus the cost of a Mac)
Cost to make an Android app: $0 (you must have a computer)

Cost to distribute said iPhone app: $99/year (included in cost to make – you can do it for free, but you can only put it on 100 phones)
Cost to distribute said Android app: $25 (free if you’ve already paid the $25 for another app or if you’re going to distribute the app on your own)

Money required to create and distribute a single app for 1 year: (assuming I’m doing the development)
For iPhone: $699 + $99 = $798
For Android: $0 + $25 = $25

For 5 years:
For iPhone: $699 + $99 * 5 = $1293
For Android: $0 + $25 = $25

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