The power of WebM

A little while ago, a friend of mine gave me a 3½ inch floppy and told me that it contained a 1080p video.

I was skeptical at first, wondering if it was even possible to fit a video on a 1.44MB device, let alone a 1080p video.

I opened the video, and I found what was supposed to be 10 seconds of 30 fps 1080p Theora, but what turned out to be more like 3 seconds because VLC thought reading a 30 fps file as 90 fps would be cool.

Then I realized that I had already done something similar – remember “Close your eyes and watch this”? I downloaded it from YouTube, converted it to WebM, and compressed it with 7-zip, and I ended up with a file that was 271KB. Then I tried with audio and got an 11MB 7-zip file.

You can download the WebM version (22MB when uncompressed) here. With audio (33MB when uncompressed).

The best part is that I can compress it even further using other open formats, like PNG, seeing as the video is a single frame for 10 minutes.

…But the 10 minutes of 1080p fitting into 271KB is what WebM should really be used for.

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