The Crested Opodi Nesting Grounds

Some of you may know about the Crested Opodi, my favorite early Spore creature. I recently (yesterday) made a 3D nesting ground that anyone with Spore Galactic Adventures can visit. For anyone who doesn’t have access to Spore GA, I’ve made 14 screenshots of the adventure, which could be used for computer wallpaper, or just as a cool thing to look at. A small description of each picture is available if you click on them. If you have any comments about a specific picture, comment on the picture’s description page. A short description on how the adventure was made is available under the images (scroll down).

I used blue gates disguised as Crested Opodi in various poses, blue gates disguised as eggs, “nest small”, and a few plants I chose randomly. Most of the Crested Opodi poses also used patch 5 asymmetry (the A key). For those who have never played Spore Galactic Adventures, blue gates are basically force fields that can be unlocked with blue keys. There are no blue keys in the adventure, so the disguised blue gates work like statues.

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  1. I have been to the place described in this descriptive post, and my favorite part was swimming in the sea among the blue gates disguised as non-gates. The last picture is a great panoramic view that captures the bright colors of this serene, tropic beach.

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