Castle Warz

Today, I went to a castle wars event with the rest of RSBandB. It must have been the biggest event turnout ever! Bib (the events crew leader) and the rest of RSBandB played one game and then most of us gave up and went our separate ways.

I, however, was not able to go! I have 66 fishing and I would need 68 to get into the fishing guild without a second thought. I asked Bib (the only person from RSBandB left in the lobby of the castle wars arena) if she had a fishing potion or fish pie that I could buy. Instantly, she ran to the bank chest at the other end of the lobby and I followed.

She gave me 15 fishing potion(3)’s (that’s a total of 45 doses of fishing potion, raising 3 levels each, but only temporarily) and asked for nothing in return. I can now go back to my fishing and cooking goal.

Here are the goal signatures (provided by RSBandB) that show you where in my goal I am:

You can see the high scores, progression and level gains of me and my RSBandB friends at

And just because I like putting polls in my posts (ever since I got the polling system), here’s one right now!


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