Looking back: When I was a n00b

When I was new to Runescape, 100 coins seemed like tons of money to me. Now, even 100k cannot buy me what I need. When I was new to Runescape, I thought of levels as levels. I thought that there was the same distance between level 1 and 2 as there was between 98 and 99. Now, I look at levels as experience. I see that 92-99 is almost the same as 1-92. I used to think that high leveled players were interested in anything I could make. Little did I know that full bronze is only cool when someone likes calling it chocolate.

I thought that looking at quest guides gave me the whole picture about what there was to do in a quest. I know that there are meanings behind the quests that most people don’t understand. There were members skills and quests that I didn’t even have a clue about what they were for when I was still a non-member. I thought that pking was cool, and it might be, but it’s the attitude of the pures that dominate the wilderness that keep me from going there.

Even now, as I look back, I know that there are things that are hard for me now that I will look back at on a later date and think of how silly it must have been to stumble on such small obsticles.

I write this post, not to be informative or exiting or inspire, but so that when I’m a level 126 with every cape of achievement and I have the easiest life there is, I will look back and remember how hard I worked to get into the spot where I am.


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