Tales From the Crypt, Book 1

Tales from the crypt, Book 1: Morytania.

Oh, Morytania. Once a beautiful Zarosian land, Morytania has fallen to the destructive rule of Zamorak. He has neglected the land. It is no longer beautiful and clean. This will be a very long post, so read ahead.

The land of Morytania is cut off from the rest of the world by a Holy Barrier. A temple rests on the River Salve. This is the only safe point in Morytania. From there on, you’re dead.

First, you find yourself on a long path. Eventually, you come to a fork in the road. To the North, an abandoned castle, filled with creatures of evil. Darkness rules here. You probably won’t be attacked here, but be warned; You are not safe.

To the east, Canifis. A Werewolf town. I warn you, do not attack any of the villagers. You will be in grave danger.

Further from there is Castle Fenkenstrain. It holds no threat…

Beyond there is an old port. I have not gone there.

Mort Myre is a swamp. It is dangerous. Beyond there is nothing but danger. It is evil; stay away. Never go in, other than if needed for a quest. EVER.

So, now you have a bit of information.

Until next time, boys and ghouls, this is Hell Lord26.

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  1. I have been to the port, many times. It is a very quick teleport to pour the contents of a vial on the floor. The teleport has saved my life many times.

    I hope that you can soon recover from the loss of your items.

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