I died!

In Mo’orton, I died, losing some things I cared for. The following is a list of the things that I care about that I died with…

Clan cape, Mystic hat (D=), Rod of Ivandis (Now I’ma have to make another one… =/ Great.), 100 DEATH RUNES!!! D= D= D=, 300 Air runes!!! D= D=, and 40k. But wait, there’s other news than that.

After losing all that stuff, I’m going to start picking flax again… That’s the bad part. But, in doing something like this, I feel obligated to inform all of you clan members. From now on, I will be doing a once daily blog post, each one entitled “Tales From the Crypt.” There, I will teach you all the horrors and dangers of runescape. I will also be teaching the histories and lores of Runescape, plus some stories of my own.

6 thoughts on “I died!

  1. Clan cape That’s easy to buy back from the shop.
    Mystic hat I might be able to get you a new one.
    Rod of Ivandis That’s the only one I can’t help you with.
    100 Death runes I have an overgrown hellcat in my bank, I can get you 100 new death runes easily.
    300 Air runes I guess we will need to do some runecrafting in your magic lessons.
    40k Coins? Your flax can get you double that easy in a day.

    I’ll make you a category for your Tales From the Crypt. What items did you manage to keep?

  2. I managed to keep my rune body and legs, plus dds… Nothing helpful towards my magic. Also, I actually will need some runecrafting help; I need 30 RC for Slug Menace.

    Oh, yes, and I lost my entire mage Uniform.

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