99 Cooking-The Real Clan Cape

Yes, the two skillcapes I have always wanted are the fletching and cooking skillcapes. I have decided to get cooking first, because it is said that it is easier and cheaper. I will be fishing for lobsters and cooking them.

The path to 99 cooking I bring you: Goal purple. My cooking skillcape goal. Since purple is the clan cape color, this is the perfect cape for me. I think that the cape might take a while to get, but it will be worth it.

The path to 99 fletching And then, there’s goal teal. My fletching skillcape goal. I still wear rune armor, (I’m not rich enough for dragon or barrows or Third age yet,) and I sort of like fletching. It’s the main skill I looked forward to when I became a Runescape member. It goes well with rune armor, and I will use it to get the double-99 bonus for the cooking skillcape and I will wear it while not in clan events (or whenever I feel like it). I will need to re-buy the cooking skillcape, but I figure that 99 cooking will help me more than 99 fletching in the long run.

So, I have my two main goals. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “99 Cooking-The Real Clan Cape

  1. Good luck in achieving these challenging goals. I know you can do it! It will take time, and then it will happen! Your rationale for working toward cooking first seems sensible too. Best wishes.

  2. Continue on your quest to get 2 skill capes. Knowing how to cook well will keep us all fed when we get hungry. I think you may become a master chef. I’ve never eaten any of the will beasts seen on Runescape.

    As far as Fletching, well you always were a straight shooter. Get the pun.

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