shacrypt – Encrypt your files easily from the command line (my first C program!)

IMPORTANT: If anyone downloaded shacrypt before September 12th at noon central time, please re-download it. When I attempted to compile it on Debian, I noticed a problem with my code that caused the stdin method not to work.

I made the concept for this quite a while ago in JavaScript. C is a much better language for file encryption – it compiles.

You can download shacrypt [sig] right away if you’re on Windows. I’ve also compiled a version for i486 Linux [sig] using my Debian VM.

For anyone who would like to see how it works – or to see that it isn’t a virus, the source code is public. [sig]

For anyone wondering, here’s what I did to compile it:

gcc -O3 shacrypt.c sha1.c -o shacrypt.exe
upx --best --ultra-brute shacrypt.exe

For a simple demonstration, try decrypting this file [sig] with the password “example”. Encryption and decryption are exactly the same action.

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