Quick find code: 27-28-966-49309767

K so i log into RS and i c clan chat is ruined!!! Jagex dun know how 2 make a gud update!!!@ I jus wan no y dey tink dey kan ruin runescape!!@@!@11 We pay fer de game and dey jus ruin it!!111!@ Why jagex???? Why kant we have a gud update like a ** skill or sumtin like FLYING!!! That wud be a gud update i tink Jagex should update tat gud. Jus fix it Jagex jus fix dey clan chat and stoop ruin runescape or im gunna go play WOW!!!!111@@ LEEEROOOY JEEEENKINSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is fun to rant.  Especially when there is no grammar or spelling.

Please note that Nightgunner5 did not write the above quoted message.

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