Why you probably won’t see as much of me online

The summer is over, so I have to go back to school. Now that I’m a high school freshman, I’ve got a lot more homework, and a lot less time to do it.

I’ll still be working on bbPress Moderation Suite and bbPM, but The Daily Llama probably won’t get as much use now that I’m in school.

My school uses macs with keyloggers and rootkits built in. Unfortunately, they haven’t upgraded the Firefox install since last year, so the computers are even slower than the networked file system makes them.

The school tech support “professionals” set up my account with its permissions set to 644, except the user was set to some random person who was definitely not me. When I asked them to fix it, they changed the user to root. While that would help if I had the super admin account, except not because root has access to everything, it didn’t help much. Eventually, they were able to set me as the owner of my own files, but I still can’t change the permissions to 640, which I would really prefer, since staff is the group and I don’t want other people looking through my files.

I joined Computer Programming 1, and while I’m excited that we’re “programming [sig]” in a “language” I’ve never used before, COULD WE PLEASE GET TO THE JAVA WE WERE PROMISED?

Math is just as hard. Today in Algebra 9, we learned how to do BASIC SUBTRACTION! Now, no longer will I need to wonder how to subtract ONE FROM TWO! For those of you who are wondering, it’s ONE! Oh, and I have to show my work!

In Global History, we learned how to check our email. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

My school is filled with irony and hypocrisy. I wish I could stay home, but the government thinks a crappy education is better than doing something most people can’t without going through high school first.

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2 thoughts on “Why you probably won’t see as much of me online

  1. That pretty much sums up my experience with high school too. It’s a shame things haven’t changed in 15 years!

    I finally got tired of it my senior year and got my GED, took 4 hours and $40, wish I would have done it way earlier 🙂

    The one nice thing about high school is that you can take college classes for free. Community college is way better IMHO. It can still be too easy, but the teachers won’t hold you back, and you have way more time and resources to do the projects you want to work on.

    Is Google Summer of Code open to high school students? We should get bbPress in there next year…

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