Clan Chat Explaination

The Ranks:

No icon availablePeople with no rank icon have not yet been recruited-They should either ask to join or be ignored.
Friend of leaderThese are the friends of the clan leader (Nightgunner5)-They are people who (most of the time) are just being recruited and will soon have the rank of recruit.
Recruit RankRecruits-These are people who have just been recruited to the clan. Nightgunner5 is currently the only person who can recruit members, but anyone can suggest a recruit or join the channel and ask to join.
Second rankCorporals-This is the first rank higher than recruit. Nothing special here.
Third rank upSergeants-This is the highest rank that you cannot make assignments at. Keep up the good work and you will soon get a bronze star.
Bronze starLieutenants-The first rank that is allowed to assign assignments. Get yourself a silver star and you will be able to arrange events!
Silver starCaptains-The first rank that can suggest events and assign assignments. Gold stars have the best rank available.
Gold starGenerals-The highest rank possible for anyone other than Nightgunner5. They can kick people out from the clan for an hour at a time and arrange events and assign assignments. They also gain a seat with the members of the blog.
Gold keyClan Leader-The only person who can be one is Nightgunner5. He can kick people out for an hour or permanently ban them from the clan. He is the only person who can change ranks and recruit members.

The Rules:

If you are good, you will get a higher rank (lower on the chart), and if you are bad, you will be kicked out from the clan chat, demoted in rank, or even banned from the clan.

The point values of ranks and assignments will not be written here because they change per person. It’s by effort that ranks are based, not money or level.

The Members:

The list can be found here.

Other Stuff:

If Nightgunner5 cannot be found in his channel and he is logged on, look in the RSBandB channel, the owner is Mike12088.

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