General Kragen of the Haymeen EmpireI am General Kragen of the Haymeen Empire, also known as Ben L. in real life. The reason I go by both names is so my imaginary video game friends will know who I am.

Now, before you say something stupid like “Nobody calls you General Kragen, you idiot!”, I’d like to point out that I just did. And I wrote this post, so I must be somebody.

Now, depending on whether you actually believe that I’m General Kragen (which I am) or not, I either have a pet waffit or wish I had a pet cat. I also either go on adventures in my spaceship on a daily basis or socialize cats at the Wisconsin Humane Society every Sunday. Your choice.

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  1. Hello,

    I am wanting to discuss with you about your Spore Api (the one that you made that gets the creature’s stats [such as weight, height etc]).

    I am building a game around the Spore API itself and I am also using your API, however as your site is quite busy it is difficult at times to get access to the API. Therefore I wanted to know if it would be possible for me to also host your API on my server. Naturally I will be giving you credit in the game for it etc.


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