Damage/Healing Types


  • Piercing – Short duration, high damage bleed effects
  • Slashing – Long duration, low damage bleed effects
  • Bludgeoning – High up-front damage; no bleed
  • Electric – Daze effect; increased damage and AOE spread on swimming enemies


  • Arcane – High up-front damage
  • Frost – Slows or freezes enemies
  • Fire – Short duration, high damage burn effects
  • Holy – Increased effect on undead
  • Shadow – Long duration, low damage poison effects
  • Nature – Utility magic such as binds, poisons, etc. Effect varies based on environment (in an indoor, mechanical environment, much less effective than outdoors in the woods)


  • Holy – Decreased effect on undead, high effect otherwise
  • Nature – Increased effect when close to natural formations and organic environments
  • Physical – Things like bandages and salves; no extra effects

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