Soothing Mists
20 mana + 10 mana per second
Requires Mistweaver
Surround a target with mist, gradually healing damage over time for as long as this spell is channeled. While channeling, you cannot move, and your target takes 30% less damage. Your target is healed for 1% of your maximum health once per second and you personally heal for 5% of the amount healed. If you are at full health, the extra health is added as mana to your mana pool.


Dense Fog
20 second cast
100 mana
Requires Mistweaver
Gather a thick cloud of mist, protecting all friendly targets within 50 yards from all damage, but preventing them for attacking or casting spells as long as they stand within the mist. Lasts 30 seconds.


Absorb Nutrients
10 second cast
2 minute cooldown
Requires Mistweaver
Absorb the earth’s nutrients, healing you for 30% of your health and restoring 50% of your mana over the next 5 seconds. If you take damage during this effect, the remainder of the effect is cancelled.

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