It’s been a while since I made some art.  I’ll be working on a forum signature with a rat in it.

Here’s my progress, oldest on the bottom (click to view full size):

rat-nighttime-3 Nighttime version, third revision, added a moon.
rat-nighttime-2 Nighttime version, second revision, darkened the sky.
rat-nighttime Nighttime version, first revision, converted to nighttime.
rat-avatar-3 Avatar version, third revision, border added and paw fixed.
rat-7 Eighth revision, border added and paw fixed.
rat-avatar-2 Avatar version, second revision, sky darkened.
rat-6 Seventh revision, sky darkened.
rat-avatar Avatar version, first revision, text moved around.
rat-5 Sixth revision, rat lightened up.
rat-4 Fifth revision, upper left corner cleaned up a bit.
rat-3 Fourth revision, grass fixed up.
rat-2 Third revision, changed the text so it would look better, added more effects.
rat-darker Second revision, the rat is darker now.
rat First revision, I was bored so I made it.

Brushes used:

From the beginning
Fourth revision and on

From the beginning
Second revision and on

Render used:

Rat concept art from Jagex’s image assets.


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