A World of Warcraft Rant in the Form of a Woodsy Folk Tale: Part 1 of 2573

So my buddy and I were walking through the woods together. He said he knows the woods pretty damn well and I believed him because he knew how to read and write. Not many people know stupid stuff like that.

So we comes to a bridge over a river with a sign that says “Crocodiles in river. Don’t swim.” At least, that’s what he told me it said. I don’t read or write.

So he picks up this big rock and throws it at the water and he says, “That should protect us from the crocodiles.” Then he picks up another big rock and throws it at the water. Then we hears a growling noise.

So I starts to run away, but he stops me and says, “Don’t be a sissy!” Then he throws more rocks.

Then a crocodile bit his head off. I ran for my life.

Boy, those were good times.