Daily Llama 3.0

The all new Daily Llama — it’s more flashy, more semantic, and best of all, more purple!

While I have nothing against my own creation, Modern-Blue just wasn’t my style.  I had been looking into themes that developers could use — so I wouldn’t need to start from scratch — and I settled upon Sandbox.  It has so many CSS classes built in that I hardly had to modify the template at all!  I changed the page.php and single.php templates to link to themselves, footer.php to show the page generation stats (for example, “25 queries in 1.732 seconds”), and the comments.php template to upgrade to threaded comments. Continue reading

Modern-Blue 2.1

Modern Blue 2.1

The two main features of Modern-Blue 2.1 are threaded comments and color schemes.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make an admin menu yet, so the only way to change color schemes is to go into the code.  However, the code is very easy to understand.  You simply copy a line of code from one file to another, and the template does the rest of the work.

There are three types of color schemes in Modern-Blue 2.1: Single, Multi, and Range.


A single color is used for the entire blog’s color scheme.  The color can be seen in an unchanged state on the borders of the blue bubbles, and the rest of the scheme is calculated by the blog.  I’ve tried lots of different random colors and they all look good.


A set of single colors is given to the template in the form of an array.  The template takes the array and selects a random array member for each pageload.


This is the most exciting part: With only one line of code, a different color from a range is selected for each pageload.  The theme comes with Red, Green, Blue, and Rainbow, but if you can figure it out, you can make many more.

The only drawback of the new version is that it only works on WordPress 2.7 (which is not yet even in beta) and up.  I have uploaded Modern-Blue 2.1 to this blog, but I will not put it on the official repository until WordPress 2.7 is stable.

The best error message ever!

All you have to do is go into a WordPress 2.6 or higher blog, go to edit any post, scroll down to the bottom of the page, choose a revision, make it so it compares one to itself, and boom!  The best error message ever!

For those who don’t have a WordPress blog, or are too scared to try this, just click this link.

I liked it so much that it’s now the 500 error message for llamaslayers.net!

A cool templating idea

A very popular theme on WordPress.com is Sandbox.  Why?  Because (for security reasons), WordPress μ does not allow template editing, to prevent all types of malicious scripting.  However, with the release of WordPress 2.5 and the shortcode system, I’ve been thinking that someone should make a templating system that could be used on MU without a risk of cross site scripting.

Instead of being a plugin, it would probably need to be a theme to prevent the “WTF” response when either your custom template is destroyed when you change a theme, or when you change a theme and your old custom one shows up.

I think I might be able to attempt creating this system, however I won’t need to if someone has already released something similar.

A new tradition: LlamaSlayers computer utility day

Starting today, the fifth of every month will be “LlamaSlayers computer utility day”.  Join if you want, basically all you have to do is complete any or all of the tasks from the following list.  After each task listed, there will be notes telling you how to do the task and why the task is important.  Some of these tasks are for Windows computers (I don’t have a Mac or Linux computer so I can’t say anything to do for them, you’ll have to look elsewhere), some for WordPress blogs, and others for general things to do around computers on the fifth of every month.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of these, they’re just suggestions.  And the fifth of every month is just a random date that popped into my head.  You can celebrate your own computer utility day on any day you want. Continue reading

March End-of-the-Month Wrap Up

Today marks the end of March, and the start of April.  March had some amazing things happen in it this year, and here’s the post where I get to tell you about them.


WordPress 2.5 was released this month, and it has tons of updates, mostly on the admin pages.  It even made the slow blog I have (sometimes taking over a minute to load a single page) faster with the addition of the (already installed on my blog) WP Super Cache plugin.


Jagex fixed up summoning.  This might not be big news for you non-RuneScapers out there, but this is one of the best updates of the year.  Amongst the top features of this update are the ability to gain experience from combat done by your summoned familiars, a longer amount of time for familiars per summon, and 24 new summoning familiars.

Nightgunner5 got to use his whip for the first time (he bought it this month, too).  He trained his attack level from 65 to 70 in three days and beat up a level 122 ice troll king on his way to being able to use the whip.
Nightgunner5 and his whip

This blog

March marked the longest blog post ever on this blog.  It also took the longest to write.  Nightgunner5 should be proud of himself, after writing a 7-page-long blog post.  There were 7 blog posts this month, not counting this one, and 63 media uploads.  There were 16 comments made this month, from 6 different people.  16 plugins are active on this blog.

Plans for next month

Nightgunner5 plans to do the legends’ quest because of the cape.  I plan on giving Nightfawn 5 dollars so she can become a RuneScape member.

Until next month,
Sir Soybean