Windows Live Messenger… Online

[Windows Live Messenger Icon] Online statusNightgunner5 I am currently either online or offline, but either way, my status is shown in the little picture before my name. If you click on the image (or my name), you will be delivered to a page where you can instant message him… But you don’t even have to have Windows Live Messenger installed on your computer to do so!

You can will show up as yourself, if you have a live messenger-compatible account, or use an anonymous account. To use this great feature, go to this page. If your special widget doesn’t work half the time, use your real email address instead of the one provided.

By the way: if anyone knows how to enable the msnim protocol in firefox, please tell me.

Oh, and please join my forums.

A few other links I would like to make: [X] [X]

The dieing computer

[Clip art]Ok, so my old computer is slowly dieing. Slowly might be the wrong word. It is down to less than 200mb out of a total 10gb.  (Both of those numbers might look a bit sad to you tech-savvy people out there)  I’m thankful, however that the external hard drive connected to it is only about 5% filled out of a total of more than 20 times the space on the main hard drive.

Anyway, I tried backing up the entire hard drive via network, but Windows was using the hard drive so certain files couldn’t be read.  Then I put in my ubuntu disk and rebooted to load the livecd environment.  After a while of searching for the right options, I found out a way to connect through the network to my main computer, and currently it is copying its hard drive onto the main computer’s external hard drive.

After I finish that process, I’ll need to compress the archive and place it in as many places as I can.

I feel sorry for the old computer, but its time has come to move onto a new one.  Hopefully it won’t crash for a while.

I have Vista! (sort of)

Actually, I got a program that simulates the look of Vista.  I also got a program that lets me have four separate desktops.  Not with different icons, but with different windows open.  I’m glad I have 3.50GB of RAM because the programs are very cpu-intensive.

I also have a program that allows me to have a dock at the top of my screen, giving me the best of both Mac OS X and Windows Vista.

Here are links to the programs.

4 separate desktops

Vista look for an XP computer

The Vista look program comes with the dock.  Please, be very careful to read the help file completely.

Also, you can see the new icon for the blog at the top, next to the name.  Hope you like it!