Daily Llama 3.0

The all new Daily Llama — it’s more flashy, more semantic, and best of all, more purple!

While I have nothing against my own creation, Modern-Blue just wasn’t my style.  I had been looking into themes that developers could use — so I wouldn’t need to start from scratch — and I settled upon Sandbox.  It has so many CSS classes built in that I hardly had to modify the template at all!  I changed the page.php and single.php templates to link to themselves, footer.php to show the page generation stats (for example, “25 queries in 1.732 seconds”), and the comments.php template to upgrade to threaded comments. Continue reading

Modern Blue WordPress theme 2.0-beta 1 released

As you probably already know, Nightgunner5 and I are working on creating a WordPress theme called Modern Blue. With WordPress 2.5 just around the corner, we’ve decided to tell everyone how they can help.

You can now download Modern Blue 2.0-beta 1. Click one of the links below, extract the contents of the archive, and put it in your wp-content/themes folder. If you find any bugs, please file a bug report here.

“Modern Blue” WordPress template planned release for WP 2.5

Sir Soybean and I have been working on making this blog’s theme look pretty. What you may not know yet is in three weeks, you’ll be able to use it with your blog! Unfortunately, the template will require WordPress 2.5, so you’ll have to either wait until it is released or download an unstable copy via the subversion repository. But you can, however, download a copy from the LlamaSlayers subversion repository, or a stable release from our Google code project.

Please, if you find out anything wrong with the template or want us to add new features, let us know.

Of course, since WP2.5 hasn’t been released yet, this blog isn’t running on the new version that you can download at the Google code site.

If you do use this template, please leave in the footer link. It allows other people to get the template and be just as happy as you are with it.

Some big changes around here.

First of all, I would like to say that FreeHostia is dumb. But what do you expect from a free web host? If you try out Freewebs, you’ll see that things can be worse.

All webhost stupidity claims aside, I’m going to make as many changes for the better as I can just on this blog.

First of all, I’m going to make the new theme that I was planning on making. Also, I’ll need to see where I can host this blog elsewhere that might be a better host. Okay, I see that I’m drifting back into I-hate-this-webhost land, so I’ll try to pull myself out of it.

The new template will be purple, and it will have rounded corners, but the most important part of it will be that I’m going to publish it under the gpl license. (This means you can tear it apart and I won’t care.)

I know it’s going to be hard to re-program my whole blog, but I’m up for it.

Over and out.

A New Theme

I am thinking about making a custom theme for my blog, and I need some ideas. If it turns out well, I’ll open-source it and I might think about putting it on the WordPress theme catalog.

My ideas are:

  • Rounded corners
  • As few images as possible
  • Gravatar
  • Alternating comment colors
  • Official comments as a different color
  • Lots of customization that can be done without editing source code files
  • Multiple sidebars
  • I might think of more later

The ideas that have been suggested that I liked are:

  • Just stick with the old theme

Those that might make it, but aren’t top priority are:

Those that definitely won’t go in are: