Microsoft says IE8 is standards compliant. I think not.

My browser collectionMicrosoft says IE8 is fully standards compliant. I beg to differ. As soon as I found out IE8 beta 1 was released, I downloaded it, installed it, and stuck it next to my other browsers (see left). I found it strange that a web browser would try to search for malicious programs while installing. I also was uncomfortable because the installer, unlike Firefox’s, asked me to restart my computer.

After I got the browser installed and restarted my computer, I pulled out the browser and looked at my test blog. Uh oh! I know instantly, IE8 is not all that Microsoft told us it would be.

  • No CSS3 support (this can be expected)
  • Any page with javascript on it gives an ActiveX warning that sounds like your computer just blocked a nuclear missile.
    • Even XML pages with no scripting on them at all give the alert.
  • The “write a new post” page in the WP2.5 admin does not load unless you have the rich text editor disabled in your profile.
    • A “popup blocked” alert displays if you click on the dropdown menu on that page.
  • Floated elements on a page don’t float correctly. They run on past the clear:both/clear:left/clear:right items and into the content of the next item on a page.
    • IE8’s new “developer” interface tells me that the floated items are inside an item that is three inches away.

Now, let’s look at some screenshots of WordPress 2.5’s new attachment upload interface. Try to spot IE8, Firefox 2, and Safari 3 from these:

Safari transparency testIE transparency testFirefox transparency test

Can you tell which one is IE? It should be pretty obvious. IE has no transparency support.

Here’s another test, have you heard that IE8 passes the acid2 test? It’s a lie, even though it’s better than IE7:

IE7 on Acid2IE8 on Acid2

If you want a good browser, don’t go to Microsoft. Get , Safari, or Opera.

Jagex-Employed Macroers

Recently, Jagex has been unsuccessful at preventing real world item trading and macroing.  There are, in fact, more real world item traders and macroers than ever before.  Even Jagex mods are macroing and lying.  Take this example:

Jagex mod autoing

I asked a Jagex mod about summoning and two pictures that I was wondering about being faked or not. [Link] What I got for a reply is an automated message about the holiday season being busy.

RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd_1199464041576I would like to bring to mind another time that I asked a Jagex mod a question in October.  The moderator in that replied was (I think) a real person, but they said that Jagex never automates anything.  I find that hard to believe.

Ryan wrote "Jagex are the biggest hypocrites on the internet."  And they are.  All of the new updates in December 2007 were to prevent goldfarming, macroing, and real world item trading.  They failed miserably, or as Warren would say, UNSUCSSSPHUL.  All of these updates and nothing happened to real world item trading that these updates were to prevent.  Even worse, they’re going on stronger than ever!  And it’s worse than that!  Jagex didn’t even put a dent in the rulebreakers, but made quite a few of the legitimate players quit out of frustration.  The economy crashed, we can’t give gifts, and we can’t pk!

Jelly cubeTo make things better, Jagex is going to release a new skill, a money drainer called "Summoning."  And guess what?  We get to summon giant green badly animated cubes of jelly!

Okay, maybe it won’t be that bad, but who knows, we’re talking about Jagex here, remember?

I’ll close this article out with a quote from Alex:

It’s pathetic. I remember appealing on an old account for macroing and they replied saying "We have conclusive evidence that you were in control of the account at the time."

If I was in control of my **** account how the hell was I macroing?


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Unban Nmr7… Please?

Sticker made by the creator of Nmr7

Jagex just doesn’t get it. If they ban all of the player mod caliber players and makes all the people they should have banned into player mods, they’re doing something called being dumb. Just plain dumb. You see, there was once a person named Nmr7 on RuneScape. He got banned for saying a joke in clan chat, that nobody would have ever believed if it wasn’t for a certain player mod that couldn’t handle a joke and a certain company that can’t handle themselves.

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Sticks and stones may break my bones…

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, right? At least it would have been a better alternative.

Today, I went with my little sister to a camp to see if she wanted to go there for the summer. Overall, the day went pretty well. That is… Until a little six-year-old started to poke my sister and I with hay on the hay ride, then hit us with sticks and threw rocks at us for the rest of the day.  Then, on the car ride home, my sister was crying, but I made out the words “There was a little boy that I told to run because I was afraid that the evil girl would hit him, but she must have really good ears because she screamed that she only hits people from our family.”

That’s it, I thought.  I’m not going to that camp.

Some big changes around here.

First of all, I would like to say that FreeHostia is dumb. But what do you expect from a free web host? If you try out Freewebs, you’ll see that things can be worse.

All webhost stupidity claims aside, I’m going to make as many changes for the better as I can just on this blog.

First of all, I’m going to make the new theme that I was planning on making. Also, I’ll need to see where I can host this blog elsewhere that might be a better host. Okay, I see that I’m drifting back into I-hate-this-webhost land, so I’ll try to pull myself out of it.

The new template will be purple, and it will have rounded corners, but the most important part of it will be that I’m going to publish it under the gpl license. (This means you can tear it apart and I won’t care.)

I know it’s going to be hard to re-program my whole blog, but I’m up for it.

Over and out.

The reasons Jagex is stupid

The following is a list of reasons that Jagex is dumb, I will start off with an inspirational quote.

jagex are pee pee heads

And here is the list:

  1. They don’t ban macroers even though they say they do.
    Evidence: [Link]
  2. They automate everything from customer support queries to abuse reports to ban appeals.
    Evidence: [Link]
  3. They won’t show us our skills if we aren’t in the top million and level 30 or higher.
    I don’t need evidence on this one.
  4. They have an investigations in the community team, but I’ve never seen any jmods on any fansites…
    Once again, no evidence needed.

If you have any, tell me so I can add them.

Googlebot is spamming me o.0

I’m notified on every 404 error via an rss feed by my blog.  When googlebot started indexing non-existant pages, I got spammed.  The feature that I installed to be a notification of broken links turned into a way that googlebot (unknowingly) spammed me!

You can see this support forums topic for the way that I solved the problem.