Why Gligatus are NOT better than Haymeen – part 2

If you’re going to keep claiming that you’re somehow stronger, better, more advanced, or cooler than the Haymeen, you deserve to die. I mean, we DID save your lives with our extreme laser skills.

Besides, it was only a giant fire breathing bird with extremely powerful feet that can kill lots of people at once.

Oh, and by the way, what IS that smell? Are you cooking some dead animal in that tent of yours? Or even worse, are you cooking an ALIVE animal? That’s just gross, man. You seriously need to learn some hygiene skills.

Why Gligatus are NOT better than Haymeen

Seriously, if you guys keep getting attacked by giant bird monsters, we’ll have to set up some kind of turret with heat seeking missiles.

… Unless it’s a cold-blooded bird reptile thing. Then we’d need to use cold-seeking missiles.

Or maybe we could just nuke one of your colonies. I mean, if you’re supposed to be such a big fighting force, why can’t you take out a big bird by yourselves? Is is something about watching Sesame Street when you were children? Do they even have Sesame Street on your planet?

Five points to the first person to name all of the inside references in this video.

WIHumane GA Update (July 19th)

The humane society as seen from the adventure editor

The humane society as seen from the adventure editor

I’ve been working on the humane society a bit more, and the complexity meter is telling me that I can’t do anything more than the cat nap in this adventure. I’ll probably make other adventures that have other sections of the humane society, but that will be later.

As an unrelated side note, I’ve started making small programs that use the Spore API called Spore Shorts. More on this later.