TzHaar Challenge

Disclaimer: Most of the information in the following post is from my
imagination and should not be thought of as fact.

A lot of RuneScape players have been complaining about the lack of a team version of the TzHaar Fight Caves.  Jagex have done something similar many times, but have never gotten it just right.  Here’s my idea of what it should be:

A group of players go into a cave in the TzHaar, right next to the current Fight Caves.  The entrance to the cave is flanked by one of each of the four types of TzHaar creatures. Each one has a different requirement that the player must accomplish — unless the player has not logged out since fulfilling all of the requirements — in order for the player to be allowed in.


The TzHaar-Mej requires that if the player has not participated in the TzHaar Challenge, they are shown a cutscene of TzHaar creatures fighting in the minigame, explaining how the game works.  If the player cannot answer three randomly chosen questions about the rules of the TzHaar Challenge, they are not allowed into the minigame, and the TzHaar-Mej will show the cutscene again the next time the player attempts to enter the cave.

There is a list of items that are not allowed in the minigame, composed of noted items, summoning items, incomplete items (like dragonhides and bowstring), fun weapons, quest-only items, pets, Dwarven Multi-Cannons, currency, and other items not needed in this minigame.  If a player is holding or wearing any items from this list, the TzHaar-Ket offers to keep the items safe while the player is in the cave.  If the player declines, they are not allowed into the minigame.  In addition, players must have at least 5 empty inventory spaces.

The TzHaar-Xil dares the player to punch him, requiring that they do it with their bare hands.  If the player does not have at least 50 combat, they recoil in pain, and their hand turns red while the TzHaar-Xil calls them a weakling.  If the player is over  or exactly 50 combat, they punch the TzHaar-Xil, nothing happens, and they are allowed to enter the minigame.

The TzHaar-Hur asks the player to mend their TokTz-Hur-Em (an obsidian hammer).  If the player has at least 70 combined Smithing, Construction, and Crafting, they are able to reattach the parts of the hammer.  If the player does not have the required skill, they do not understand how to fix it and are not allowed in.

Before the game

In the waiting room, there is an orb like the one in the TzHaar Fight Pits which shows a game that is currently going, after a player gives it the name of another player that is currently in a game, similar to the method used in Clan Wars.

At least fifteen minutes after the previous game starts, if there are at least five players in the waiting cave, all of the waiting players fall through the ground into a second cave.  If there were less than 25 players, the remaining slots are filled with randomly chosen TzHaar-Mej, TzHaar-Ket, ranged TzHaar-Xil, and TzHaar-Hur, with their levels shifted: If the average level of players competing in the game is 100, their levels will be within five of their normal level outside of the minigame.  If the average level of players in the minigame is 50, their levels will be within five of half their normal level.  Other average combat levels will also follow the same equation.

If anyone is more than 15 combat levels higher or lower than the average, their combat stats will be slightly raised or lowered (10% of the distance from their stats to the average) when the minigame starts, and will restore to that level instead of their base level during the minigame.  Prayer is exempt from this rule, only Attack, Defense, Strength, Ranged, Hitpoints, and Magic are affected.

The main cave is three times as big as the Fight Caves, and contains short crumbling obsidian walls, like the wooden ones in Pest Control, entrances for enemies like the ones in Barbarian Assault, and a hanging cage where players respawn.

After fifteen seconds, the game begins.


The gameplay is very similar to the Fight Caves, except that the waves multiply faster.  For example, instead of having two Tz-Kih in the second round, there are three.  In addition, TzTok-Jad does not appear in the TzHaar Challenge.  Instead, there are three more creatures to fight, each stronger than the one before.

The first is TzAk-Kih (Directly translates to “Fire forked wing”), a level 460 that looks like a winged version of  Yt-MejKot.  It flies around the cave, attacking each player at random.  It uses Magic and Ranged attacks and can only be attacked with Magic, Range, the Flail of Ivandis, or a Halberd.  It has 210 hitpoints and a maximum damage of 53.

The second is Yt-KlKot (Directly translates to “Dead we protect”), a level 501 that looks similar to Tok-Xil, but has no ranged attack, is larger, and is dark red where Tok-Xil is bright orange.  It always appears with another of its kind.  They can heal their own species at about the rate Yt-HurKot heal TzTok-Jad in the Fight Caves.  They will roam the cave with their friend, attacking players together.  If one of them dies, the other gets a 50% accuracy bonus.  They each have 190 hitpoints and a maximum damage of 61.

The third is Haar-Ket-Kul (Directly translates to “Holy defender (of) token”).  There is only one of this, and it can call upon Yt-HurKot just like TzTok-Jad can.  In fact, Haar-Ket-Kul is almost exactly the same as TzTok-Jad, except for its 360 hitpoints and its combat level of 701.

Since there are 211 rounds of combat, players of the TzHaar Challenge will have their stats restored before rounds 1, 7, 15, 31, 63, 112, and 211.  However, their stats will only go 50% of the distance to the base levels (or adjusted base if applicable) before round 211.

Before the first round, each player is given a TokTz-Hur-Em, which can be used to build barricades and temporarily close entrances.  Before every round, each player is given 4 to 14 Tok-Ket, the most that they can hold at the time.  These are required to build barricades — one Tok-Ket per barricade.

If a player dies while in the TzHaar-Challenge, they are sent to the hanging cage until the end of the round.  They lose all of the Tok-Ket they are holding, and receive a 5 TokKul penalty (not applicable if they do not have 5 or more TokKul), but nothing else.

There is a rope hanging from the waiting cave that goes through the hanging cage and down to the fighting area.  It can only be climbed upwards, and confirms that the player wishes to leave the game before they do so.

If a player leaves the game or logs out, they will be replaced by a TzHaar creature of the same type — If they were mostly using magic, a TzHaar-Mej of their level would appear where they were, with the same Hitpoints level.  (etc.)

If at any point, more than half of the team is in the hanging cage, the game ends.


Before each of the rounds 1, 7, 15, 31, 63, 112, and 211, each player is rewarded a sum of TokKul: 0, 10, 25, 75, 200, 300, and 600, respectively.  After round 211, each player recieves 2000 TokKul and the game ends.

For every 25 damage done or barricade constructed by a player, they recieve a TokKul.  This is sent directly to the TzHaar-Ket outside the cave and is shown in the corner of the screen.  Each round completed will also send a TokKul to the TzHaar-Ket, and an additional two if the player does not die for 5 rounds consecutively (this counter is reset after the TokKul is given).

Completing sections of the Karamja Achievement Diary will improve rewards from this minigame.  Each completed section of the diary gives an additional 5% of the rewards.  (Each section is seperate, so all three is x = x + 0.05x three times, not x = x + 0.15x.)

For example, if a player who had completed all three parts of the Karamja Achievement Diary was somehow able to defeat every single enemy on their own, they would recieve 9635 TokKul (my math may be off), assuming they had not placed any barricades.  However, this would take several hours of nonstop combat, during which the other members of the team would not be able to do any damage, but would also need to be invincible.  In addition, to recieve this amount of TokKul, the enemies would need to never regain health, something that many of them do as a special effect.

RuneScape gets a graphics update-Part 2

old and new chat heads

Just looking at the old and new chat heads, I know that this update is the best thing since RS2 came out.  Every part of it just looks more real than it did before.  I can’t imagine what   Jagex have already changed torches from position-changing triangles to dancing flames, but now, they’re going to make the light actually have an effect on the scenery.  A dimly lit dungeon would have less light in it than outdoors would have at noon, but the current game engine doesn’t seem to notice.  For example, if you have a lantern in your backpack, the light fills the space equally, even if there’s a wall between you and some object in a cave.

Soon, with the graphics update, the game engine will know where the light is coming from and will light only the area that would normally be lit, making the whole world one more step closer to being real.

Similarly, with the update, water will be less like painted wood.  With the old detail modes, water either looked like opaque blue jello or blue wood.  Now it will look like…  Water.


To accomplish this, Jagex needed to make another level in their building module, making a floor below the ground, first, and second floors.

They also redid most NPCs.  I find the new Lumbridge castle much more welcoming than the old one.

And last but not least, they showed us a picture of what the game would look like!  I really like their use of the space.  Now I even know where the arrows are stored for ranging!

The future of RuneScape’s graphics

On May 8th, Jagex showed us a little image of the future.  This included a note that RuneScape will be available in full screen, with better graphics.  They posted a picture of a place in Varrock now and what it would look like after the update.

Then, on the 16th, 8 days later, they showed us another image of the future, stating that the graphics displayed in the picture would be available within the next few months.

However, they did not show the previous looks of the area in question, AKA the Godwars Dungeon entrance.  Here’s a picture I found on the internet, sorry for low quality, it was the only one I could find.  That is not me in the picture.

I don’t see why they didn’t show a picture of what it looks like now, since it looks much better in the “after” picture.

Today, in a development diary, Jagex showed us a few more pictures of the new RuneScape.  Here are my opinions on each of them.

This terrorbird is a clear improvement on the old graphics.  It’s much bigger, has less visible stray polygon edges, its tail looks like it’s made of feathers and not blue knives, the underbelly looks soft, the feathers look soft, and the beak doesn’t look like it’s a square with pieces cut off.  The only bad thing about it is that it has no pupil in its eye.

The “texture” picture is an image of Falador, near the east bank.  The texture is a bit overdone, but it actually looks like a stone road.  However, the grass does not look right.  Some of the grass looks like green mud and some looks like it’s giant.  The character shown in the picture is a bit too bright and the boots are very squared off.

The “blending” picture looks much better to me than the “texture” one because it is smoother, has less varying textures, and the plants look real.  I like how the plants aren’t perfectly spaced or all the same angle.

This is a picture of the new shadows.  I like how there is fog at the edge of visibility, because it looked really bad when things popped in or out of existence.  The shadows look almost real!

I like how the flags aren’t exactly synchronized, and how the shadows move along with the flags.  I had to double the speed of the animation, because it looked bad the way that Jagex rendered it.

A thousand longbows? and “Scratch”

I have decided to make 1008 yew longbows and 1008 nature runes from scratch and then do some serious alchemy.  I have 700 yew logs to cut at the moment and 1008 nature runes to make, however, I have all the bowstrings ready.  I wish I had a dragon axe.  It would make this go so much faster.

A friend of mine showed me a cool way to make Java-based games using a language called scratch.  I’m working on creating a mario game.  You can see my progress in my scratch profile.

What I’m Doing on RuneScape 5/10/2008

Picture of Nightgunner5 on May 10th 2008 Today on RuneScape, I cut down quite a few yew trees, picked a bunch of flax, and made 112 yew longbows.  Then I teleported to Varrock and mined pure essence that I turned into 112 nature runes.  After a bunch of alchemy, I bought dragon gloves (RFD), sold one set of full rune, and bought a granite body.

RuneScape goals status update

Nightgunner5 and his mosquitoI’ve been working my rear end off on summoning in the last few days.  I’ve almost completely exhausted my money, but what I’m running out of the most is summoning charms, so I’ve decided to fight some cockroaches with my mosquitoes.  I’ve got to choose between mosquitoes, where the main ingredient costs upwards of 3k although only one shard is needed, or albino rats, which require 75 shards (1,875 coins in shards alone) and requires blue charms which (I think) are the rarest.  I could also try spirit kalphites, but they require potato cactuses which can only be found in a room with the level 333 Kalphite Queen.

I think I’ll go with the albino rats, since I only need 8 to get to level 30 summoning.

Anyway, Nightfawn is happy with her membership, ever since I showed her Catherby, I’m going ballistic trying to get the final two levels before automatic goal tracking will work for all of my skills.  I tried Fist of Guthix, I lost every time.


In this guide, you will learn how to play the new RuneScape Minigame called Vinesweeper.  If you’ve ever played Minesweeper, you’ll be pretty good at this new game.

First of all, this minigame’s rewards are all about farming, so don’t go in there expecting a thermal-nuclear missile as a reward.  Second of all, I suggest you bring along at least a spade and 50 coins.  There is a spade lying on the ground in the Falador estate agent’s office.

Second of all, Vinesweeper is easier than Minesweeper, because you can investigate a space and have a chance of knowing exactly what’s there, plus you get to work along with whoever’s there with you.  So without any further ado, the guide:

Go north of East Ardougne, north of Catherby, north-west of Port Phasmatys, or south-east of Falador to start the minigame.  You might want to have something growing in the patch, with your amulet of farming/nature trained on it, since you can go from this miniagame straight to the farming patch very quickly if need be.  (You can buy an amulet of farming with eight charges from any farming store for 200gp.)

A leprechan

Find the tool leprechan and ask him about Winkin’s farm.  The tool leprechan will teleport you to Winkin’s farm, next to a portal to go back, where Farmer Blinkin and Mrs. Winkin are in a house and the farmers and rabbits are outside the fence in the field.

You should read the four signs immediately to your left, they have useful information.  Next, go to Farmer Blinkin and ask to buy flags.  He will give you ten for free.  You can only have ten flags at any given time, flags are used for marking where you think seeds are so the farmers in the field will come and dig them up.  DO NOT DIG UP SEEDS YOURSELF.

Next, ask to buy oogleroots.  You need about 5.  He will give you a refund for the ones you don’t use as well as take the flags for safekeeping when you leave the area.

Now go over a style into the field.  If there are people there digging up everything or placing flags randomly and unsuccessfully, walk around until you find a better place to start.

Now that you’re in the field, you’re ready to start.  Right click some dirt and investigate it.  If you get a message that tells you that there is definitely a seed in the spot you investigated, put a flag in.  If there’s definitely not, dig up the spot with your spade.  If there is not a definite answer, investigate it again.

Nightgunner5 places a flag.

Once you place a flag, a farmer or a rabbit will come.  If it’s a rabbit, click on it and you will feed it one of your oogleroots.  You will gain 30 hunter experience and the shrunken rabbit runs away.

When the farmer comes and digs up the flag, if it’s a seed, everyone actively participating in the area will gain points and you can retrieve your flag from Farmer Blinkin.  If not, you lose the flag.  Everything within three spaces of the flag will be cleared.

If you dig up a seed, you will lose points and everything within three spaces of the dead plant you dug up will be cleared.

This guide is for use on Nightgunner5 blog: The Daily Llama and RSBandB only.  All other uses are an infringement of copyright.