The Spinning Top Museum

buckets She collects tops, I collect buckets. The only difference is she collects them in real life.

Today, I went on a long car ride with my family. About an hour long each way. We went to a crowded burger place called “Fred’s” that claimed to have “The best burgers in the world”. We waited for over a half hour to get our food. It was ok.

Then, we went into the place that is called The Top Museum in Burlington Wisconsin. When we came in, I saw an old building packed with tops and brain teasers for sale. I thought to myself: “This is a museum? It looks more like a store to me…”

Then, after waiting for another half hour in the packed environment, she locked the door and led us into a dark hallway, and then opened some big doors and turned on a light.

The room there was huge compared to the front part of the store! I looked around and saw so many tops I couldn’t count them all.

Apparently, she was the person who spun the tops in the sequel to “A Christmas Story,” she showed us some pictures. She had everything from a top that was one millimeter high to one that was a few feet high and even a top that was from 1876!

You can see her (badly coded) website at

P.S. After she heard that I had coded my father’s website, she asked me if I could fix hers up!

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Sticks and stones may break my bones…

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, right? At least it would have been a better alternative.

Today, I went with my little sister to a camp to see if she wanted to go there for the summer. Overall, the day went pretty well. That is… Until a little six-year-old started to poke my sister and I with hay on the hay ride, then hit us with sticks and threw rocks at us for the rest of the day.  Then, on the car ride home, my sister was crying, but I made out the words “There was a little boy that I told to run because I was afraid that the evil girl would hit him, but she must have really good ears because she screamed that she only hits people from our family.”

That’s it, I thought.  I’m not going to that camp.

The dieing computer

[Clip art]Ok, so my old computer is slowly dieing. Slowly might be the wrong word. It is down to less than 200mb out of a total 10gb.  (Both of those numbers might look a bit sad to you tech-savvy people out there)  I’m thankful, however that the external hard drive connected to it is only about 5% filled out of a total of more than 20 times the space on the main hard drive.

Anyway, I tried backing up the entire hard drive via network, but Windows was using the hard drive so certain files couldn’t be read.  Then I put in my ubuntu disk and rebooted to load the livecd environment.  After a while of searching for the right options, I found out a way to connect through the network to my main computer, and currently it is copying its hard drive onto the main computer’s external hard drive.

After I finish that process, I’ll need to compress the archive and place it in as many places as I can.

I feel sorry for the old computer, but its time has come to move onto a new one.  Hopefully it won’t crash for a while.