Not much happening…

There isn’t much happening in my life… I go to school every day, but there’s nothing newsworthy that happens. I work on my blog as much as I can, but I’m just not able to do everything I want to with it perfectly. I haven’t had anything to blog about since 2 days ago. FreeHostia is dumb and won’t let me use the php mail() function, so I can’t set up the forums that Sir Soybean and I were planning on…

I guess I’ll just re-iterate a few things that I’ve said in the past.

  • RSBandB ftw
  • If anyone knows of a WordPress plugin that allows me to the following functions, please tell me:
    • Check the rss feeds of all the blogs on my blogroll for at least 2 items
    • Make sure there has been at least one post in the last 7 days on all blogroll blogs
    • Otherwise, not show the specific blog
  • Freehostia needs new servers
  • I need more encouragement on my RuneScape goals

I believe

Calling all bloggers of RSBandB!Yeah, I’m starting a fad. Basically, title your next blog post ‘I believe’ and post the things you believe in – whether it be religious, political, anything. Principles you stand for and agree with.Let’s see how much of the b&b Blogosphere will respond.

This is a quote from the RSBandB sandbox and I decided that I should go along with it, as there is nothing wrong with doing it.

So… Without any further nonsense… Continue reading