haggisbot is going GPL

haggisbothaggisbot has been patrolling the Boston Glob chatroom since June 1st, 2008.  Soon, you’ll be able to have a haggisbot in your own IRC chatroom!

haggisbot 0.6 is the current version on the Boston Glob chatroom, but the code is being completely redone for version 1.0.

If you would like to help with the development of this new version of the bot, head on over to the LlamaSlayers GoogleCode webpage and see if you can find any mistakes.  haggisbot is available for SVN access, but 0.6 is no longer being developed, and 1.0 is not ready to be used.

Anyway, we at Mad Haggis Enterprises hope that haggisbot will be more of a community project than just one person making a script for fun.

I’ve projected that haggisbot 1.0 will be mostly a cleanup of the code and fixing of existing features, but by version 2.0, there will be a scripting language that haggisbot will understand.

So, what do you think? I’ve told you what my thoughts are, now I need yours.

“Modern Blue” WordPress template planned release for WP 2.5

Sir Soybean and I have been working on making this blog’s theme look pretty. What you may not know yet is in three weeks, you’ll be able to use it with your blog! Unfortunately, the template will require WordPress 2.5, so you’ll have to either wait until it is released or download an unstable copy via the subversion repository. But you can, however, download a copy from the LlamaSlayers subversion repository, or a stable release from our Google code project.

Please, if you find out anything wrong with the template or want us to add new features, let us know.

Of course, since WP2.5 hasn’t been released yet, this blog isn’t running on the new version that you can download at the Google code site.

If you do use this template, please leave in the footer link. It allows other people to get the template and be just as happy as you are with it.

My email server sucks.

Before I start this blog post, I want to say something completely un-related:  I switched to PHP5 today.

Ok, so I tested out a new contact form that I’m building and…  15 minutes later I get the email in my inbox.  Which means that if I’d used Google’s GMail servers to send messages, I’d be saving 15 minutes of (what I hope is) waiting in a line for my message to be sent.

I was searching around for a way to use SMTP with my PHP configuration, and I found this.  From what I have figured out so far, it’s the perfect addition to my contact form.  I was using the contact form by Nate Dentzau, but with this new PHP class, it looks like I’m going to be able to make my own!

[tags]Programming, PHP, SMTP, GMail, Google[/tags]

Two new writers, a contest, and LlamaMail

Ok, so there are two new writers on The Daily Llama, BloggerGirl667 and Dance698548.  You can see that "Dance" has already had some activity on the forums, "BloggerGirl" is (so far) nowhere to be found.

Another new thing since the blog moving to the new server is LlamaMail.  It’s an email system, powered by Google.  It can only be used by a selected few, those with staff positions on LlamaSlayers.

You can set up your llamamail in a special configuration that I use by using some simple instructions.

One more thing: The contest.
If you think that you’re an artist or just someone who wants to get their name on the front page of a website for designing it, this is for you.  All you need to do is make a front page design for this site.

Googlebot is spamming me o.0

I’m notified on every 404 error via an rss feed by my blog.  When googlebot started indexing non-existant pages, I got spammed.  The feature that I installed to be a notification of broken links turned into a way that googlebot (unknowingly) spammed me!

You can see this WordPress.org support forums topic for the way that I solved the problem.


The magic numbers

Let’s say that you wanted to have lots of money by fletching and alchemy, but you didn’t want to waste any time by not having a full inventory for every action.

You would need (for this method)

  • 55 magic (High alchemy)
  • 60 woodcutting (Yew trees)
  • 44 runecrafting (Nature runes)
  • 70 fletching (Yew longbows)
  • 10 crafting (Bowstrings)
  • The small and medium pouches
  • 30 mining (Pure essence)
  • Access to the fairy rings (Nature runes)
  • Nature tiara (Nature runes)
  • Lots of patience
  • Fire/Lava staff/battlestaff/mystic staff (High alchemy)

Basically, what you need to do is think about it:  The most logs you can make into unstrung bows at one time is 27, the most nature runes you can craft at once is 35 (with this method), the most logs/flax/bowstring you can get in your inventory is 28.  The most bows you can put bowstring on at once is 14.

The factors of these numbers are:
14 {2|7}
27 {3|3|3}
28 {2|2|7}
35 {5|7}

The most the numbers appear in any one factor list are:
2-2 times
3-3 times
5-1 time
7-1 time

If we multiply all of the numbers we just got, we get the least common multiple, 3780.  That gives us the ability to get multiples of 3780 without having any spaces unused in the inventory.

3780 items is:
108 runecrafting inventories
135 logs/flax/bowstring inventories
140 unstrung bow making inventories
280 bow stringing inventories

If we take the number of completed yew longbows we will get and multiply that by the high alchemy value of a yew longbow, (768 coins,) we get 2,903,040 coins.  That’s almost 3 million!

In other news, I have made a spreadsheet with the level exp values up to 200.  The highest one possible is 126, the highest one Jagex will let us to is 99.  View the spreadsheet here.