What I’m Doing on RuneScape 5/10/2008

Picture of Nightgunner5 on May 10th 2008 Today on RuneScape, I cut down quite a few yew trees, picked a bunch of flax, and made 112 yew longbows.  Then I teleported to Varrock and mined pure essence that I turned into 112 nature runes.  After a bunch of alchemy, I bought dragon gloves (RFD), sold one set of full rune, and bought a granite body.

Fletching Money

My original idea was to make 88 coins per unstrung willow longbow.  That’s impossible.  Who would want to buy over thirty thousand of something that’s almost worthless?

My new idea (which will work) is to sell them to a general store and get 16 coins minimum each.  I already sold my willow longbow supply in honor of being under 30k to go, I will sell my entire supply again when I’m under 20k and 10k.



Ok, so after thousands of willow trees died for no apparent reason, I am finally done with my goal…

Or at least the first part.

You see, I’m not cutting down trees for nothing, I’m cutting them down so I can get a high enough fletching level to make magic bows.  Woodcutting levels were just an added bonus.

Now, I’ll be in a bank on Runescape 24/7 (whether I’m logged in or not), carving my logs to bow-like shapes.

I would also like to bring an important issue to hand, world hunger.  Did you know you can help stop world hunger just by having a large vocabulary?  Go to http://www.freerice.com/.  I have donated 180 grains so far.

My willow log goal

As you can see, the willow log tracker that I made is up and running at the top of my blog, but since the code is specialized for me, I’m not going to post it here. I should probably be talking about my goal, though, and not my tracker.

You can find the RSBandB forum topic here. I’ve been working so hard on getting the tracker onto my blog and cutting down willow trees that I completely forgot to blog about it. Here goes: Continue reading

A few steps closer to 99 fletching

10k WillowsToday, I went to the level 99-getting party of Shane12088 and CreepyBacon. We all dressed up as Shane and out of nowhere, Brad arrived! After Shane and Creepeh got their skillcapes, we all went to Shane’s house and had a drop party.

I got: St00f

I’ll be using the st00f for working on skills and insurance.  See ya later, I need to go make some bows.

The magic numbers

Let’s say that you wanted to have lots of money by fletching and alchemy, but you didn’t want to waste any time by not having a full inventory for every action.

You would need (for this method)

  • 55 magic (High alchemy)
  • 60 woodcutting (Yew trees)
  • 44 runecrafting (Nature runes)
  • 70 fletching (Yew longbows)
  • 10 crafting (Bowstrings)
  • The small and medium pouches
  • 30 mining (Pure essence)
  • Access to the fairy rings (Nature runes)
  • Nature tiara (Nature runes)
  • Lots of patience
  • Fire/Lava staff/battlestaff/mystic staff (High alchemy)

Basically, what you need to do is think about it:  The most logs you can make into unstrung bows at one time is 27, the most nature runes you can craft at once is 35 (with this method), the most logs/flax/bowstring you can get in your inventory is 28.  The most bows you can put bowstring on at once is 14.

The factors of these numbers are:
14 {2|7}
27 {3|3|3}
28 {2|2|7}
35 {5|7}

The most the numbers appear in any one factor list are:
2-2 times
3-3 times
5-1 time
7-1 time

If we multiply all of the numbers we just got, we get the least common multiple, 3780.  That gives us the ability to get multiples of 3780 without having any spaces unused in the inventory.

3780 items is:
108 runecrafting inventories
135 logs/flax/bowstring inventories
140 unstrung bow making inventories
280 bow stringing inventories

If we take the number of completed yew longbows we will get and multiply that by the high alchemy value of a yew longbow, (768 coins,) we get 2,903,040 coins.  That’s almost 3 million!

In other news, I have made a spreadsheet with the level exp values up to 200.  The highest one possible is 126, the highest one Jagex will let us to is 99.  View the spreadsheet here.

99 Fishing-Why not?

I was thinking…  As long as I’m getting 96 fishing, why not get 99 fishing?
Nine million, six hundred eighty four thousand, five hundred seventy seven fishing experience points is more than seven hundred fifty eight thousand, three hundred ten fletching experience by eight million, nine hundred twenty six thousand, two hundred sixty seven experience points.

I would need to get thirty thousand, four hundred fifty four sharks, and I want to get them barbarian style, so I need 76 strength.  Then, after I catch them, I would need to cook them.


By the way, it was suggested to me that I should train to 99 on shrimp.  “They give great fishing and cooking exp and they heal lots of health!”