We’ve moved!

Since this blog is in a new place, the theme that I had does not work here as well as I would like it to. Even though I am using a slightly different theme, I’m not liking this one particularly either. I’ll just need to see what I need to do.

P.S. Does anyone know the php code to make one of these?

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P.P.S. Does anyone actually read this blog?  If you do, make a comment on this post, please.

WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier

I found the following on PhotoMatt.net:

The WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier puts a little thing in your Windows mini-icon tray that let’s you know when you have a new comment, much like Outlook or Thunderbird do with email. Cool! Now we just need a Mac version, maybe using Growl?

I’ve installed it on my computer, and I tested it, and it’s working great!  If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you should try it out!

Official/unofficial comments

Just to be on the safe side, I have installed a plugin that will determine if you are a real person from this blog; then, if you are, it will mark your comment as official; if not, it will tell you that you aren’t the actual person.

Yay for run-on sentences!!!

If you choose a name that is not taken by an official of this blog, you will be able to post with an unofficial comment just like any comment on this blog used to be posted.

I am thinking of putting in more improvements than just the official/unofficial comment, but we will all just have to wait and see.

Spell delicious: there are one comments: source codes

It has come to my attention that del.ico.us is not the name of the correct site, and even though it had the correct link, the text was wrong.  So, I changed the source code.  :mrgreen:

Update: I also fixed the “there are one comments” thing.

Updated update: I added the ability to use some codes in your comments.  Don’t abuse it or I will take that ability away.

A few minor adjustments:

  1. I have upgraded the tinymice post writer to the highest version I can find.  This update only affects the writers in this blog.

  2. I have also changed the fade animation from 5 seconds long to 0.5 seconds long.  I had found that the 5 second animation took too long, but the new one should be just fine.

  3. Last, but not least, I have put in a button under the comments input box that allows you to preview your post (what it will look like after wordpress’s inner voodoo finishes with your comment).

See you later!