So, I’ve started Runescaping again! No training, though. Look for Hell Lord26! I will be travelling the world of Runescape, telling stories to many!

These stories are for your enjoyment. Usually I tell a popular story, a quest storyline, or a book’s story. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find me reading off pie ingredients from my recepie book!

 Also, I’m a little low on gold. If you find me telling a story, please donate a bit of money to my Rune Armor/DDP++ (The fancy name for DDS) fund. All donations are appreciated, and only gold is accepted.

For now, CLS, I must go. If you see me on Runescape, I will most likely be wearing my Reaper costume. (Shade Robes, Skeleton mask, skeleton costume gloves and boots, bone spear.) Until next time, CLS.

Welcome to my domain <evil laugh>

I have made a better name for the site, http://llamaslayers.co.nr/ If you’re not already there, I don’t know how you can’t be, because I put in a script to the more traffic-heavy pages (my blog and the index) to redirect to the new site name.

Don’t worry about it, it is programmed to bring you to the exact same page, just with a different name. Update your bookmarks and links, because the script does take a good 5 seconds to redirect, but if you don’t, you’ll still get to the new domain eventually.