Bob and Friends get a website!

BobBob is back! And now, he has his own website, All of the friends are there, and I’ve found and uploaded most of the old comics.

Just a quick warning, though. Only Firefox 3.5+ and to a lesser extent, Google Chrome will work when viewing the animations and homepages.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, just leave them in the comments.

The Return of the Bob

Image of Bob Okay, so it’s not really the “return” of Bob, because I never really talked about him on this blog, but it is the return in real life, since I haven’t really mentioned him for a year.I have made a short story that is really stupid, so where is a better place to share it than here? Here’s the story:”Dood,” said Bob, wondering why he just said that.
“Noob rofl,” said George, wondering why he was suddenly speaking chatspeak.
“P13453 570P,” said Larry, wondering why he used 1337 5P34K in his sentence.

Then the world asploded due to bandwidth consumption.

The End.
To be continued…

Sandwich Foklore

Peanut Butter Jelly SandwichLong, long ago, there were many crazy people. These people made a sandwich. This sandwich was fond of the letter “T.” Also, the sandwich’s name was Bob. Bob ate people! Finally, the sandwiches got their revenge… But at a cost. The crazy people ate the sandwich from the inside.

But wait! There’s more!

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